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Send Gifts to Pakistan:

Send gifts to Pakistan has never been easier!

May the moment of happiness bring your loved ones closer:

When looking at Pakistani culture, you cannot ignore the importance of sending gifts to your loved ones. We use gifts to express our love and respect for other people who are important in our lives. Everyone loves giving and receiving gifts. Some common examples of gifts are greeting cards, chocolates, perfumes and cakes. Technology is such a big part of our lives that it is perfectly possible to send gifts to Pakistan from anywhere in the world. If you don’t live in the countryside but want to make your loved ones feel special, you can easily do it by sending your chosen and favorite flowers and cakes to their front door. I can do it. The Giftex is all about quality and we guarantee this with excellent service and premium products. You can also find various gifts in our online shop. If you’re looking for toys, clothes, jewelry and even plush toys, you can find them at incredible prices on the portal.

The Giftex provides the opportunity to find the best product or gift for a particular occasion. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Eid’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Separated everything for simplicity. Send gifts to Pakistan and your favorite people who live there to show gratitude and love for special occasions. It’s time to give a smile to others, especially your friends and family, with our premium gifts. If you like bespoke options, we offer a variety of products to suit the tastes of the special people of your life.

Send flowers to Pakistan from U.K, USA & CANADA:

If you love about people and have feelings for people who live miles away from you in Pakistan, you can express your feelings through flowers. The Giftex Service offers Pakistan a gift of flowers at a competitive price. Different flowers are for different occasions and depending on the occasion, you can find the right flower selection in our store. Birthdays, anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. You can hurry to send flowers to your loved ones. If you want to add a special note, we also offer that option. So if you live in Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States, don’t worry. Don’t miss the opportunity to tell your loved ones how meaningful they are to you. With the Giftex  Service, you can easily give flowers at a reasonable price. Send flowers to Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and other cities with our The Giftex  Gift Service.

Send the cake to Pakistan right away!

Have you been absent for quite some time? Are you struggling to get home and maintain relationships with your loved ones? With the The Giftex Service on your side, you will not miss a single opportunity to make your loved one feel special on a festive occasion. We will purchase and deliver cakes with different flavors at our shop. You can send various gifts to Pakistan with the cake. You may be in Canada, Europe, the United States or the United Kingdom. Don’t worry. We are here to ensure that your gifts reach your loved ones on time without hassle. Our service extends to all cities of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Pakistan. Even for last-minute deliveries, we offer same-day delivery services to ensure that your gift experience is completely secure.

Try the combo and make your occasion extra special!

If sending a cake or bouquet is not enough, we offer you the opportunity to try out a compelling gift combination. You can send a gift to Pakistan along with some other options. Go through all of them and take your choice from the many. Combinations include teddy bears, chocolates and flower cakes. These options are ideal for special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. Also, try a box of chocolates and a bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day.

Are you looking a gift basket? Another great gift option is a gift basket

 If you want to start with epic gestures, the gift basket is for you. It could be for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other occasion. It is well known that gift baskets are made up of a variety of products, from fresh seasonal fruits, dried fruits, salty snacks, cheeses, biscuits to gourmet chocolates. High quality coffee blends and teas are also available in many gift baskets. Treat your loved ones with the luxurious feel of a gift basket.

the Upcoming Occasions :

we need to prepare in advance for an upcoming occasions.

Ramadan (2nd April 2022) Ramzan or Ramadan is a festival for the Muslims. It is a tradition to send ramadan gifts to your loved ones during this special month. send gifts to your business associates, friends, and family in the form of gift baskets, sweets, chocolate boxes, dry fruits, and so much more.

Mother`s Day (08th May 2022) It is one of the special days when people send gifts to mothers for spreading affection, kindness, and love. Send the best gift to your mother to make her day memorable.There is a wide variety of gifts in the Mother’s Day category. We have Mother’s Day flowers, cakes, gift baskets and more.

Eid Day (May 2, 2022) Eid is a religious festival for Muslims around the world. They celebrate this opportunity with  family and friends. Therefore, you can also welcome them in Eid Mubarak by sending lots of gifts through the giftex services such as special Eid Combos, cakes, mithais, flowers and more.

Fathers Day June 19, 2022)  is a special day  dedicated to the important role that Father must play in the lives of his children. Make it special for your dad by giving him a valuable gift in the form of chocolates, cakes and a variety of other carefully selected options.


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